Call of the Wild

The call for lighter, warmer apparel came from necessity.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) needed a lighter, more efficient clothing system designed for a wide range of weather conditions, from mild temperatures to the most extreme winter conditions.

HALYS brand gear answered that call.

Our unique multi-level garment layering system is designed and engineered using innovative construction techniques and technologically advanced fabrics. Our products exceed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor professionals and soldiers around the globe.

Our gear has far less weight and bulk when compared to previous outdoor clothing options, yet this synchronized system offers a broader range of performance characteristics. Multiple high-tech fabrics are incorporated into the HALYS brand to achieve maximum performance.

This complete layering system has been successfully tested in temperatures ranging from 60° to -40° F and is designed to withstand the rigors of mountaineering, backpacking, and climbing in a wide range of temperatures.

The high-tech HALYS brand gear has revolutionized the protective outerwear industry.